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Online gear software

Gear software
without the hassles.

Engineering software for your web browser. Say goodbye to complicated and costly licenses.

Model, analyze, and build gear systems for parallel-axis and planetary architectures.

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Virtual modeling

Parametrically model entire gear systems in an interactive three-dimensional scene.

Gear software that you enjoy using.
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Model and manage
your gear designs.

We empower engineers to develop gear systems of various architectures - spur, helical, and planetary configurations.

Maintain your gear library in the cloud. Reuse and share gears across your team.
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Design for manufacturing
with cutting tools.

We provide a workflow to design gears with tool constraints. Modelers available for hobs, racks, and shapers.

Simulate cutters to generate accurate geometry of manufactured gears.
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Gear System

Rotational kinematics
and powerflow.

Our solvers compute the kinematics and powerflow of every gear. Organize model inputs into duty cycles and load cases.

Gear assembly clocking gives accurate visualization and interference detection.
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Gear Mesh

Contact geometry
and kinematics.

Engineers can closely examine the gear mesh plane of action. With manufactured gear geometry, get accurate gear mesh data.

Review static and dynamic behavior with mesh forces and frequencies.
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Gear Properties

Materials, tolerances,
and microgeometry.

Embedded knowledge lets you focus on the engineering. Understand and visualize your gear properties.

Follow industry standards for geometric tolerancing and material specifications.
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Computer Aided Design

Highly accurate
solid models.

Our CAD engine uses higher order Bezier curves and splines for the most accurate tooth geometry.

Get the most accurate CAD models.
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Finite Element

mesh your gears.

Our FE mesher generates models for tooth root stress and contact analyses, with or without microgeometry.

Export to formats supported by open-source and proprietary software, including Abaqus and MSC Nastran.

Get the perfect mesh every time.
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3D Print

Physical mockups
with a few clicks.

Our web connectivity enables integration of additive manufacturing services.

Request 3D prints for your gears from an array of material options, including nylon and brass.
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Connecting you
to the source.

We deliver a workflow to design and build your products with gear manufacturers worldwide.

Auto-generate technical drawings to include in your requests for quote.

Start building with trusted partners.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required to access Gears App?
  • Our Gears Team user plan. See memberships.
  • Where and how do I access Gears App?
  • Entirely online by signing into your account.
  • Do you offer discounts or free trials?
  • Yes, for personal and academic use only.
  • Do you provide tutorials or training?
  • Help Desk provides user FAQ and tutorials.
  • What internet browser is suggested?
  • Gears App is best experienced on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
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