Gears App

  • Modern web interface
  • 100% online, anywhere, any time
  • Parametric gear system modeling
  • Download accurate CAD models
  • 3D printing service fully integrated
  • Cloud storage of modeling data
  • Authentication and encryption
  • Authorization for safe collaboration
  • Control permissions and sharing
  • Ecosystem of custom plugins
Gears App screenshot

Gear modeling and design data management ... in a web browser.

Parallel axis gearing
Parallel Gearing

Planetary gearing
Planetary Gearing

Parametric modeling
Parametric Gear Modeler

Plugin ecosystem
Custom Plugin

Releases, libraries, and reports are cumbersome. We make it convenient.

Model release management
Gears Model Info

Engineering data libraries
Engineering Material Library

Automated reporting
Gearing Report TOC Gear Part Report Gear Mesh Report

Virtual to reality is laborious. We streamline it.

Accurate CAD models
3D CAD Export 3D CAD Model

3D printing service
3D CAD Export 3D CAD Model

Getting started is simple.

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